Saturday, December 4, 2010

Guess Who?

Guess who came to Nana’s house- On a fire truck!

P1080956This picture, I think, pretty much sums up Piper’s feelings for Santa.  She wasn’t too sure, but mostly willing to cooperate. 

That is, of course, until Santa unloaded The Goods.  Apparently dollies are the way to Piper’s little heart.  She was sure to point out the babies eyes and nose for Santa, just in case he didn’t know…

P1080965I tried to get a cute shot of her standing next to the big buy, but she just wasn’t too sure. 

P1080967And then she figured out that she could get outta there- Kind of a bummer that the biggest smile we got out of her all night was as she was escaping the big red suit…

We knew Santa and his firemen escorts would be there, but we had a two-hour window of when it would be.  So, in order to be ready, I put Piper in her tights and shoes so that I just had to slip on her dress when they got there.  This lead to some semi-nude playtime with the walker.  And she got to show off some of her newly acquired walking skills for her great grandparents. 

I kind of enjoyed watching the little ruffle-butt tights walking around the house…




While we waited, I tried to get that perfect (and apparently elusive) Christmas picture.  It was a good thought, anyway…



It was a really fun night- thanks to the fire department for doing this every year.  What a hoot!



  1. Firetruck - very cool! And congrats on baby #2!

  2. How fun!! This was our first year NOT getting a spot for the firetruck to bring Santa to my parents house. :(