Monday, August 31, 2015

Piper the Ballerina

When it comes to Piper and Down syndrome, we’re incredibly fortunate to live here in Denver.  Children’s Hospital, the Sie Center for Down Syndrome, Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association, Linda Crnic Institute, Global Down Syndrome Foundation…  It’s really awesome.  There are clearly benefits to having access to the medical care, sure, but that’s not nearly as fun as this.


Last week, Piper started the Be Beautiful Be Yourself ballet class sponsored by Global.  It’s taught by THE Pat Winders and two other ballet instructors.  And it’s AT Colorado Ballet- a real ballet company.


How cool is that???

Last year, I took Piper to a showing of The Nutcracker and it’s been ballerina twirls ever since.  She and Addy (who has not seen the ballet, for the record) have acted out the Mouse King and the Nutcracker and the Sugar Plum Fairy more times than I can possibly count.


When they first let the class into the ballet room, I’m pretty sure all Piper wanted to do was leap in front of the mirrors.  She ran and leaped and twirled and leaped.  She was in heaven.

Sometimes things are tough.  Sometimes things are really hard and frustrating leaving us both feeling helpless.  But sometimes I get to see this spark and Piper just seems to glow.  I’m so excited that we’ve found something that’s JUST fun.  JUST for Piper (thanks to Nana- Addy and Cody hang out with her while I drive Piper across town.  And home.  THANKS NANA!) 

And the leotards and tights and shoes and ballerina hair? 

Those are just an added bonus.  Because I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen a cuter ballerina.


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  1. Oh, I loooove that little ballerina!!! Take flight, big girl!