Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Luke has been dying to put up the tent and camp in the backyard with the kids.  *I* am not brave enough to attempt “real” camping until the kids are bigger. 

We used to enjoy camping. 

I have a feeling that camping with three small kids would kill that enjoyment forever, so backyard camping is the solution for now.

They were very excited about the tent.  Even Cody got in on the action.


While Addy and Cody rough-housed outside, Piper was READY.DSC_0741

…but she was more than willing to get out of her sleeping bag for marshmallows.  Piper would NEVER turn down a marshmallow.  DSC_0752




Cody wasn’t invited to the marshmallow funfest, but didn’t seem to mind.  He did mind not being invited to the sleepover, however.DSC_0770

In the end, there was no “sleep over” to be had.  The wind was awful and the girls decided that camping wasn’t as much fun when the marshmallows ran out. 

Did I mention that I’m not brave enough for camping yet???


  1. I love the "marshmallow" man on Cody's jacket! It was SOOO appropriate!!!!

    1. Haha! I didn't even notice! Actually, I felt kind of silly putting him in a snowman sweatshirt. In August. But ya know...

      Marshmallow Man makes a better story! hahaha