Sunday, August 16, 2015

Goodbye, Summer!

School starts tomorrow.


I’m ready.

I’m so NOT ready. 

Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels so conflicted this time of year. 


To celebrate (read: keep our minds busy so we can’t get nervous about tomorrow) we played at the pool this afternoon.  Piper was, of course, in heaven.  Addy was having a ball.  And Cody, who’s been, generally, timid at the pool so far this summer, was surprisingly adventurous and didn’t cling to my side the entire time.


He even wanted the sprayers on, and pushed the button any time they stopped.


It was so horribly bright when we got there, Cody wouldn’t hardly open his eyes.  Ten minutes later, the clouds started rolling in.  Within an hour, we were freezing.  By the time we got changed, drove home, and got inside, we were in the middle of a horrible thunderstorm that was shaking the house in the same instant the lightning flashed. 


Good ol’ Colorado.

But, it worked.  The kids had a blast.  And, the best part of all, went to bed easily tonight.  Here’s hoping things go smoothly tomorrow, and that the tears are minimal.  You know, from me.  And her sister.  Last year, it was Addy who cried on Piper’s first day…


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