Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ice Cream Sundae Monday

My grandpa and I?  We’ve always been ice cream buddies.  I remember many times that he and I got in trouble for spoiling our dinner (or lunch because, let’s face it, it’s never too early for ice cream…)  So, naturally, we need to indoctrinate the next generation, right???

To celebrate Piper’s return to school, my grandparents had us over for an ice cream sundae party.  Mom supplied the goods.

And according to these faces, they were goods.

100D51006Cody was in heaven.  Although my boy who usually chomps down his raspberries was slightly less in love with the sour-against-the-sweet-ice cream.  It surprised him.  Several times.

Ice cream?  Absolutely.  Whipped cream?  Of course!  Chocolate pudding???  NO WAY!DSC_1018

Once the kids were properly sugared-up, they went crazy outside.  Cody has a “thing” for “bike hats!” right now, so, of course, he insisted on wearing this one.  That was too big.  And that he couldn’t hold up on his baby neck.  He didn’t mind.  DSC_1035DSC_1036













…and then there’s this doozy- a true photobomb of Piper.  I cracked up when I saw her face on this picture…DSC_1037


The girls are generally really good at including Cody in their games.  He’s getting really good at playing “baby” or “dog” or any other of the myriad choices of characters as assigned.  But it always seems like the poor dude is a day late and a dollar short.  Just as he gets settled on something, the big two are off.  He even has a distinct cry for “But wait!  I finally got here and you’re leaving already?!?!  Can’t you play for a MINUTE???”DSC_1038

…apparently they were off to go “camping” with a “picnic.”  Piper even packed a backpack.  I’m sure the pretend credit cards, car, and ball will be very useful whilst in the wild.   DSC_1050

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa and Nana for all the fun!  But next time you load my kids up with sugar, they’re staying the night at YOUR house.  Love ya!

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