Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Stupid Dancing Flowers

My grandparents have these silly flowers and hula girls that dance when they’re in the sun- they’re solar powered, so they live on the window sill in the living room.  In their packaging.

“Why in the packaging?” you ask?  Good question.

This is why:DSC_0444

Addy loves them.  Actually, we’re not sure if she loves the dancers or if she loves taking them out of their packaging.  Either way, the first thing she does is open up those plastic containers and extract the goodies from the inside.

Even if we’re all outside, she’ll sneak inside, take the packages outside, and open them up.DSC_0446


I don’t understand it, but she’s a girl on a mission every time we go to Grandma’s house.DSC_0450

I also think she’s broken several- good thing they’re cheap.  I don’t tell her that, though, because I’m not buying some for her to have at home.  I think it’s a game best annoyed played for the great grandparents.

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  1. My Mom has some of those too, Russell is fascinated by them! lol