Sunday, May 26, 2013

Oh, Craigslist, How I Love You So!

Every year, I’ve managed to acquire a few outdoor toys for the girls.  When Piper was teensy, I got the Little Tikes toddler slide that’s only about two feet tall.  That slide lives in the backyard and the girls still enjoy it.  Only problem is that, when Piper decides to go down head first (while I cringe in the background) she’s getting a little big for it.

Then last year I got a teeter totter and the Koala Climber.  These live in the front yard and serve the purpose of allowing me to garden out there and the girls can stay entertained.  The climber is good for, well, climbing, but the slide is getting small for both of them.

We knew we needed to up the ante for our backyard fun this year, but I wasn’t sure what we’d be able to find that would fit in our almost miniscule yard.

So in my hunt for the big Little Tyke’s slide (holy moly- people want a FORTUNE for those used!), I stumbled upon this humdinger on Craigslist:DSC_0641

It’s slightly larger than a slide (ha!) but it. is AWESOME.

Luke and his dad drove to Longmont to pick it up.  Addy woke up from her nap just a few minutes before they got back, so she got to “help” set it up.  She helped carry the pieces the backyard…DSC_0180

…and then helped find the appropriate tools for the job.DSC_0184


THEN she got to test it out!  The playhouse works!DSC_0165


The ladder works!DSC_0173

This swing works!DSC_0192

…but this one was toooo low.  (Notice the look of unapproval.  I think she was shaming her father.)DSC_0195

But once that little foible was corrected, things were back on track.  The swings even work for tummy swinging!DSC_0203

Piper (finally) woke up and wanted to test the slide.  But it got too hot in the sun, so she talked her dad into cooling it off with the hose. 

It’s a little fast when it’s wet.


…and she performed her own tests on the swing.  She’s excited!


I’m thinking we’ll have no trouble getting $100 of fun from it.  The only problem we’ve had is convincing them to come inside.  Pretty sure they’d sleep in the darn thing if we’d let them…

Now- who wants to come play?

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