Friday, May 10, 2013


Piper had her first (and last) field trip of the year!  They loaded all 64 preschoolers from all four classes on ONE big bus and headed to a park across town.

We’d talked up riding the bus (Piper’s never rode a bus before…) and tried to prepare her for what was going to happen on Field Trip Day.  I think all we ended up doing was completely freaking her out about the bus.  But, to be honest, I’m not sure it was the BUS that was so concerning or the fact that there was another 16 kids in her classroom in the morning (from the afternoon class), and all their parents.  She got to sit next to Miss Patty on the bus because she was so worried about it all.  Patty said, though, that as soon as the bus started moving, Piper did just fine!

…until they got to the park and she bolted off of that god-forsaken vehicle.DSC_0369

It was slight chaos with all the kids (and their little siblings) there.  The park was big, but not that big.  Addy was a little overwhelmed when the bus unloaded, but not Piper.  Nope- that girl ran and played and climbed and slid with all of her friends like a pro.  It was fun watching her in the middle of The Crowd and hanging out with all her friends.  It was also truly awesome to see how they take care of her- they look out for her and help her when she needs help.  They also seem to understand a LOT of what she says- at least the important stuff- which is AWESOME!  It makes this mama so happy to see her succeeding in school!



Yup, Piper has sure changed this year.  It becomes most evident, though, when I see things like this:DSC_0404

…and this…DSC_0410

…and this.DSC_0408

She (and Addy!) had so much fun at the park.  It was such a treat to see all the kids together playing.  I asked Piper if she wanted to ride the bus home or come home with me.  She fell asleep about 30 seconds into our drive. 

She was one worn out kid. 

Is it mean that I made her go to OT that afternoon???

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