Monday, May 13, 2013

Piper’s Birthday Celebration!

Since Piper’s birthday was on a Saturday, and the Friday before was their field trip, Piper got to celebrate her birthday on Monday with her classmates.

As did two other kids.

It, apparently, was the day of endless treats.

No one complained, I assure you.

There’s a rule at the preschool that they aren’t allowed to bring homemade treats in for snacks (they bring snack in once a month for the whole class) or for birthdays, so Piper got to wander the aisles of the store picking out what she wanted to take to school.

Big shocker that she chose ice cream popsicles.

When I got to school, her teacher told me that she didn’t feel like putting on her birthday crown today (not a big surprise.)  But, when she realized it was time for them to CELEBRATE her birthday, she more than happily wore her candles.  She and her crown walked around the class handing popsicles to everyone.  And then, the one and only time during the year that it’s allowed, Miss Patty helped her stand on her chair and danced with her as the class sang Happy Birthday at the top of their lungs.

I, of course, have no pictures to show you of this because there are kids in every shot.  But believe me- it was sweet.  So, so sweet.DSC_0430

Celebrating your birthday at school?  Awesome!

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