Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Stockings

This was my first Christmas stocking- my grandma made it for me the year I was born.  My brother has a mini-stocking, too, and now they both hang at my parent’s house.P1010979

The year after, Grandma made me my real stocking.  My brother and cousins all have theirs, too.  It always made me feel special to have a stocking that was made JUST for me.  Besides, that way Santa couldn’t get mine and my brother’s mixed up.  That would, after all, be a catastrophe.  P1120094

And now, as spouses have joined the family, the collection of stockings has grown.  The first year we were married, Grandma gave Luke one, too.  She cross stitched the front and my mom sewed it into a stocking. P1120095 

Then came Piper’s…P1120085

And this year, at Thanksgiving, Adalynn got hers, too.  P1120084

I think it’s so cool that Grandma spends the time to make these.  And the awesomeness compounds when Mom has a hand in them, too.  I think it’s sort of the reason I love the Christmas season so much- the traditions and the memories.  I love having ornaments on my tree from my Great Grandparent’s 50th anniversary, stitched frames from my grandma, and things that my mom made to fill their tree over the years.  I love my “hand-me-down” decorations- they make Christmas feel like Christmas!P1120080


  1. I love these, they are so beautiful. My grandmother made me a stocking when I was little as well, but after she passed away it was lost in her stuff. :( What a blessing to have yours after all this time and even more so, to have a Grandmother who clearly loves her family. :)

  2. Love these, my mom made our kids stockings and I love them even though they are all a little different. My Christmas doesn't look like something out of Better Homes and Gardens but, I love it all the same.

  3. I love this! You are so right about these things making Christmas...Christmas! It's not the presents, it is the traditions. My mom made my stocking and my husband's mom made his. Mine was knit and his was felt so we had to decide what to do about our kids and decided to have one kid do felt and the other be knit. He selected Sweet Pea's felt one and I made it and so that left a knit one to be made for Angel. Luckily my mom has been busy working on it for months and we should be getting it any day now to hang up! Grandma's rule!!!!!

  4. Wow - love them - so cute and special.