Friday, December 30, 2011

Oh, the DRAMA

So the girls and I were out the other day trying to get some Christmas shopping done.  By the time I had run our errands, it was darn close to nap time for Piper, so I had two options- attempt to make it home, Piper falls asleep in the car, and wakes up too soon from her nap because she’s hungry, or take her and I out to lunch, feed her, and then she could fall asleep in the car on the way home.  I opted to pick up lunch quick.  Adalynn didn’t approve of my decision, and had a meltdown on the three minute drive.  After some pretty intense screaming fussing, she fell asleep for a few minutes.  All of a sudden, Piper started falling apart in the back seat.  Addy, of course, woke up really upset because she was scared, so I looked in the mirror to find this:


Piper got her hat completely turned around on her head- and she couldn’t see a thing.  She was completely freaked out because she had no idea why she couldn’t see. 

Me, being the incredibly sympathetic mommy I am, could only chuckle and take a picture.  What else can you do?  There was no where to pull over to help her, I couldn’t reach her when we stopped at the lights, and talking and singing didn’t do a thing.  Poor munchkin.  It was pretty funny, however, when I realized what was going on (despite having two screaming girls in my backseat.)

So we finally get to Chipotle, I clicked Addy’s car seat out and walk around the car to get Piper out.  It was right after a pretty decent snow storm, so there were snow banks on the curbs of the parking lot.  Piper, of course, fell on the ice-melt and bunged up her little hands.  Melt down #2. 

Then she realized where we were, and wanted to eat N-O-W.  Melt down #3.

So did Addy- Melt down #4.

I finally got our food, Piper settled into her high chair, got me my pop (thank heavens for caffeine, yes?), and got Addy nursing (under her double-layered minkie blanket because I didn’t grab a hooter hider from the car…)  It was quiet for a few minutes.  Until we were ready to undo it all and head back to the car.  A nice guy took my tray for me (which I desperately appreciated) and we high-tailed it outta there.  Thankfully it wasn’t our normal store; maybe, just maybe, they won’t recognize us next time…

…but I still think the hat is pretty hysterical.


  1. That hat is hilarious, I tell you. What's it supposed to be, a princess hat?

  2. Haha. Glad you had a sense of humor around their meltdowns. That happened to Max's hat just tonight. Why oh why can't they leave the hats alone?! :)

  3. Haha! We have totally considered moving to CO and this gives me a great reason to stay in NC, although it is gorgeous in CO. Juggling two little ones is rough and all I can say is that preschool can't come fast enough!