Friday, December 30, 2011

Santa Number 3

Piper’s really into playing pretend these days. I think I’ll join her and pretend that I’m not nearly as overdue on posting as I am and try like a madwoman to get caught up. Sound good? It is the holidays after all. I have an excuse, right? 

A few weeks ago, we were invited to our CCB to visit with Santa (this was time #3 for Piper, in case you’re counting…)  To say that Piper had a BALL would be a gross understatement.  Santa read her and Addy a story and even got on the floor to play.  There were toys to choose from, kids to play with, and adults to run from (all of the service coordinators dared Piper to get past them out the door.  Piper won.  More than once, lol.)  The best part was, obviously, the tray of cookies that were within reach if she stood on the very tip of her tippy toes.  She snuck a few <<sigh>>.  But that’s what Santa’s for, right???



P1040058Addy, really, wanted very little to do with the mysterious man in red. 
The glittery present was much more interesting. 
And slightly less spooky.  And WAY more able to be torn apart.

P1040066Piper gave Santa a signing lesson.  Literally.
She was “saying” all the names of the animals as he flipped through the book
and kept looking at him as if to say “You’re turn.”

P1040067Told you- Addy was way more happy dismantling the shiny red box.  She won, by the way.

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