Friday, December 16, 2011

Addy’s 6 (and a half!) Months Old!


I canNOT believe that this little mite is half way to her first birthday.  Positively not okay with that, but no one asked me for permission, soooo here we are.

Little Miss weighed 14 pounds today (7%) and they said 24.5” (which I don’t buy- puts her below 3%.) 

But what she lacks for in size, she makes up for in everything else.  She showed off her ability to pointer-finger (with both hands!) and pincher grasp, her curious nature (as evidenced by her eager attempt at obtaining, observing, and figuring out the lights used to look in eyes, the name badges, the ear scopes, the stethoscope, the paper on the table, and anything else she could look at…), her pretend play with the baby doll, and her ability to get out of a headlock (which was required in an attempt to get a listen at her chest).

And also?  Her ability to stay up all hours of the night and be a perfectly (almost) happy little girl.  I do NOT understand.  Unfortunately (fortunately?) we’re, evidently, not doing anything to facilitate the inhumane treatment of her parents at night time.  She can be up all day long (with maybe, maybe two hours in naps) and get five hours of sleep at night, and be ready to play.  I’ll go into her room and she just smiles at me.  It’s driving me insane.

No, that’s not true- I’m pretty sure I’m already there.  The only thing we haven’t tried yet is one of those machines that puts the stars on the ceiling (this is the kind of thing I’m thinking of getting)- Dr. Karen said that some kids just crave that added stimulation when they’re too busy thinking about everything else.  And frankly, even if she doesn’t sleep but it keeps her happy for a little while longer, I’m so game. 

Something else that she does quite well?  When she’s adamant about something, she means it.  And I mean she means it.  Take, for example, eating solids.  I believe her philosophy is “why eat off a spoon when you can nurse”; we’re getting no where quick.  My worry has been pushing her to do too much and creating aversions, which I really don’t want to do.  Karen didn’t think much about it; she said when she’s ready, she’s ready.  Ironic, though, that Piper was “supposed” to be the difficult one and Addy’s the one who not so politely declines… Go figure.

But, my goodness, is it fun watching her learn and grow.  She has such a sweet little disposition (even at 3am, I hate to admit) and is one loving baby.  She gives kisses like they’re going out of style, crawls into my lap for hugs (or to eat, obviously), LOVES getting nose kisses from Piper (they sit and laugh at each other for ages at a time), and wants to do everything Piper’s doing.  She has the sweetest smile and most adorable coo.  She’s quiet almost all the time, and is happy so long as she has something (or can find something) to play with.  She and Piper are definitely the best of friends- and there’s nothing more fun that watching them together!





Happy Half Birthday, little munch- Just don’t grow up too quickly!

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  1. Your posts with the two of them gets me SO excited for our little boy to arrive!