Friday, August 19, 2011

She’s learned to sneak

I’m sitting on the couch working, when I hear this <<gulp, breath, gulp, breath, GULP, BIIIIG breath>>

You know that feeling when you KNOW the sound that’s emanating from your non-existent toddler isn’t a good thing, but you can’t quite figure out WHAT that sound is?

So I go searching for my kid hoping that she didn’t find a cup full of old milk and find her hiding (because she thinks she’s getting away with something) with this:P1100892

Is it sad that my child thinks it’s a treat to get ice water from a Camelback bottle???


And now I can’t keep track of my bottles.  They are routinely snuck off the table and moved from one part of the house to another.

Nobody tell her that there are better things to sneak, okay?  Because if she thinks she’s getting away with something, I’d rather it be water than, say, cookies. 

…or the dog food.


  1. i love piper! i so look forward to your blog posts.. they make me smile, laugh out loud, and sometimes even cry, but most of all celebrate that little gift with you. she is a blessing.

  2. That is awesome! We used to sneak frozen peas. Apparently we weren't very good at it since my mom always knew. But sneaking ice water is hilarious and wonderful!

  3. What a cutie patootie. Sounds like Piper keeps you on your toes :) Kids keep life exciting.