Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Piper being BIG

You’ve heard of “little dog syndrome,” haven’t you?  You know, when little dogs think that they’re big dogs and make it sound that way?

Or what about those little dudes with the BIG trucks?

…I’m pretty sure that Piper’s falling victim to the same delusion…



Her newest “thing” to carry around the house. ALL over the house. Thank God she hasn’t tried when Addy’s using the mat…

(Please kindly ignore the apparent tornado that hit our living room…  If she can carry the BIG things, you can imagine how much fun I have picking up the LITTLE things…)


The laundry basket posed a slight dilemma for a few minutes because she can’t carry it between rooms in this orientation.  Fortunately, she proved her problem solving skills by figuring out how to step in sideways through the door to make it fit.  Unfortunately, it compounds the amount of chaos she’s capable of causing. 



I get hit with this gosh darn baby stroller about 582 times a day.  She can careen through the house with this little thing as fast as fast gets.  But sometimes carrying it is more fun.  Sadly, carrying the stroller often leads to baby casualties- notice the poor dolly fallen to the wayside.  But have no fear- she was promptly picked up and loved on, and then returned to the seat of death…

I hate to think of the things she’ll want to carry as she gets bigger.  Maybe she’s pre-training for her career as a body builder.

…either that, or she’s part carpenter ant.P1100847


  1. She's so dang cute. And our entire house looks like that every.single.day!

  2. can't stop laughing. and i've stopped apologizing for my chaotic house or half-naked children. i've decided they're our trademark. we have you so beat in disorganized house, i can't even TELL you. Way to go, pip. you are a perpetual wonder.

  3. You go piper! And my house looks the same way. Most of the time I just look at it and then ignore it because it will look the same way five mintues after I have cleaned it up courtesy of Adrian and Jesenia who seem to be future interior decorators in training.

  4. LOL...To funny! Looks like she pretty much packs around anything she can find!

  5. LOL ! Fantastic!
    Oh and we share taste in play gyms ;)

  6. lol! rachel does this too! she was carrying around our play mat around this evening!