Saturday, August 27, 2011

Complete and utter chaos

I found out a few weeks ago that one of the city pools was going to the dogs.


They were devoting the last few hours that the pool was open for the summer to all the canine friends.  Lots of pools do this here- they figure that since they’re draining the pool anyway, why not, right?

And given Piper’s obsession with the four-legged companions, I thought she’d get a real charge out of watching them in the pool.  We have labs, who also love to swim, so this had to be done, right?

Good heavens.  I’m not sure who’s more exhausted- me, the girls, or the dogs. 

As we were walking toward the pool, Piper decided to have a fit and cry the whole way.  I kept promising that she’d have fun (“Just wait until you see what we’re doing!!!”), but it wasn’t going well.  AND Addy had decided that surely it was time to eat (‘cause it’s always time to eat, right???)  I had Addy in the pack and Piper had to walk.  Luke had the dogs.  I was just about ready to turn around, lol. Maybe this wasn’t as good an idea as I had thought.

We paid to get in, and then there were two gates to go through (to prevent any escapees).  We got through the first gate, and Piper’s unhappiness turned to ecstatic glee as she saw all the dogs- phew.  And the dogs?  The dogs went SPASTIC.  So now we had a crying infant, a screaming toddler, and two hopping, galloping, crazy dogs.  I was sure that we were labeled as “that” family.  Until I looked up, and saw the chaos that was EVERYWHERE.P1100933

There was a guy on the intercom that kept saying “Please try to keep you dogs with you at all times”, which was one of those “you’ve GOT to be freakin’ kidding me” kind of comments.  I’m sure it was for liability issues; there’s no way you could.  At all.  It was absolutely hilarious to see bulldogs in the water, Chihuahuas being held with their owners in the water, poodles falling in, labs swimming; long-haired, huge dogs, little tiny dogs…  They all had one thing in common- staying near their owners was not their priority. 

And it was absolutely hilarious.  I HAD to nurse Adalynn, so I attempted to find a spot in the shade on the ground to do so.  Luke took Piper to go and find the dogs.  My attempt to get pictures was futile; I had big hopes of funny pictures, but that quickly turned to hopes of maintaining the security and safety of my little munchkins.  And maintaining dry munchkins (which did NOT happen.)

Luke and I switched kids for a few minutes; I wanted to try and get Piper’s picture in the water.  It’s lovely when your kid RUNS into the water and goes deeper than you had anticipated.  When I grabbed her hand, she sat.  Sooo, this is the only picture I have of that.P1100919

Maggie swimming- and loving it.  P1100922

Maggie going down the slide (yes, my husband threw the ball down the slide and made the dog chase it.  Dog abuse???)P1100928

Where was Duncan?  I have no idea

We eventually had enough fun (the dogs, I’m sure, felt otherwise), and decided it was time to go.  But before we went, I wanted to try one more time to get a picture of Piper.

The half second I managed:P1100921

…and then she was off running (did I mention we were exhausted???)P1100920

…at least Addy stayed put, but she made her dislike of her hat plainly known.P1100926

I think she forgave me, though.P1100930


  1. OMG!!! Dogs in the pool. That is so funny:)

  2. I love the picture of Maggie going down the slide. The dog standing in the water looking at the slide has no idea how Maggie managed to do that!