Thursday, August 25, 2011

FAILING. I’m SO Failing.

Addy’s three months old.

That’s 92 days.

Surely, you’d THINK, that during that period, I’d have been able to capture at least ONE decent picture of both girls together.

But you’d think WRONG.

Without further ado, a catalog of my most recent attempt...

DSCN1831Not terrible, but Addy’s thrilled, can’t you tell???

DSCN1833 I get the feeling here that Addy can sense Piper’s about-to-be orneriness.  Maybe it’s a special skill that second kids innately get- you know, to protect them from the whirlwind that is their older sibling.  Call it self preservation?

DSCN1837Piper loves the idea that Addy is scared pants-less???  Maybe.

DSCN1847An unapproving look from Adalynn.

DSCN1850Fish-hooking is a good skill to learn young, right?  I’m sure it’s acceptable in a preschool environment.

DSCN1871This one cracks me up.  Apparently I was holding their attention quite well.  And for the record, Addy is NOT that close to Piper’s size.  I think that’s part of what makes it look so funny!

DSCN1874Piper’s tired of Adalynn getting some attention and not playing along with her as she’d like.  So she pulls her away to, um, enforce submission.

Have no fear; I think that Nana is going to help as photographic reinforcement soon; maybe with two of us, we can get something that’s worthy of the real cuteness we get to experience at our house!


  1. Nothin' wrong with 'real life' shots :) Makes Piper look so big! Cuties for sure!

  2. oh, they're too sweet...just too, TOO much. wish i had a dollar for every attempt lc made at personally handling jace's tonsils during his first months home. what the heck?