Sunday, February 27, 2011

You never know WHAT you’re gonna get…

Piper stayed the night last weekend at my parents.  It offered me a wonderful reprieve from Piper’s ongoing lack of sleep.  It’s amazing how spectacular you can feel after a single night of good sleep…

What’s even more amazing is that my parents volunteered to take the non-sleeping child knowingly.  Saints, I tell ya.

Anyway, that night before I went to bed, I found these on my email.

No wonder Piper loves going to her Nana and Grandpa’s- princess dress up and doggies?  Oh. Man.

perez 019

perez 018

perez 016

perez 015

perez 014

…although, I must admit, princess dress-up is far less disconcerting than the police cars from the last slumber party…


  1. What a huge blessing and they could even keep up with her long enough to take cute pics and email them wow I am impressed. I am sure when we are overseas picking up Dariya I won't be getting any cute email pics from my parents. =)