Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Little Bookworm

Piper’s always loved to read.  Don’t get me wrong- she’s always like to sit for a story, and has very often asked for “more”.  She also really likes to make up her own story and tell you about it.  Of course she’s speaking some mix between Mandarin Chinese and French, but that’s besides the point.  (On that side note, sometimes I really wish that the Babble Fish from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was a real thing.  I mean, seriously?  Someone could make a fortune…)

The last month or so, though, Piper’s love has turned into a flat-out ADDICTION.  And obsession, maybe.  We’re literally reading 20-25 books a day.  If not more.  Sometimes she likes the same book over and over (and if I have to come up with another set of things to talk about in her Noisy Farm Animal book, my head may explode); other times, every book is off of the shelf.  10 times.  In one day.  “More book, please” is one of the most commonly signed sentences “heard” in our house.  And it helps that “boo” is in Piper’s identifiable spoken vocabulary as well. 

She particularly loves her flappy books because she can read those on her own (supplying her own editorials, mind you).  I will say that the book aisle at Costco is almost as dangerous for Piper to see as it is for me.  How do you say “no” to your kid asking for a  new book???

Last week, during one of our several-days-stuck-in-the-house-in-a-row episodes, we decided to make Piper a “fort” next to her books.  It’s nice and warm in that corner, too, because the heater vent is right there.  Hey- I was willing to pull out ALL the stops.  I was trying to get some work done, and I was hoping that she’d sit and read to herself for a little while (after three hours of stopping every 10 minutes for another story, I was getting a little weary…)

Whatdya know?  She had SO much fun!




I SO love her love of books. 


  1. We are right there with you Piper! Alayna could read for hours on end! Maybe they could get together and read to each other then we could grab a cup of coffee! LOL

  2. Target's dollar section is awesome for getting new books. And they get new ones in pretty often. We have gotten a lot of Sesame Street books there.