Tuesday, February 15, 2011


The last few weeks have been, plainly put, blissfully boring.

The baby’s behaving, so we get to go three weeks between visits (instead of the two we’ve been having to) this time and next.  Which will be nice, because then we get to start the once- or twice-a-week visits and non-stress tests.  We’ll, holy moly, be at 30 weeks the middle of March. 

We’ve been going through phases of relatively nice weather (like today- 60-some degrees) and horrifyingly cold (last Tuesday the low over night, sans wind chill, was –20; the high was somewhere around 5).  So, we’ve had lots of indoor days lately because I haven’t been willing to go outside for any period of time, no matter how short.  Add to that my working (almost) three weeks of work in just over a week, and life’s been a little…  crazy.

It hasn’t stopped the fun, though-

We’ve baked (Piper liked to stir.  Until she tried tasting the brownie batter, at which point Mommy took over the responsibility)…DSCN0728

…we’ve explored…DSCN0744

“We’ve” (I take NO part in this one) been naughty (and used more than our fair share of TP, I’m sure)…DSCN0758

…done laundry…P1090219

…and lots of oral motor exercises (seriously- have you seen this kid’s tongue???)…

Piper’s even “helped” me work (no worries to my boss, if you happen to be reading this- Piper does not actually get to touch the computer when I’m logged on.  I promise, lol.)…  I love her tippy-toes.DSCN0919

And Piper has, for the first time ever, gotten “lost” in the house.  I’m not 100% sure how you lose your child in your own home, but she had me going for a good five minutes.  Who knew that a closed shower curtain could make such good cover???DSCN0970

Despite our home-boundedness, certain necessities still require a trip out.  Like dog food.  Dogs, like husbands, get very grouchy when it comes to having food.  And although I’d like to say the trip to Costco was JUST for dog food, I’d be remiss to leave out the detail that, despite the overly frigid temperatures, I HAD to have ice cream.  And, by golly, I got it.  Piper walked almost the whole store, until she got too distracted to listen and follow us, at which point she got stuck in the cart.  But being the bearer of the receipt, she KNEW it was her responsibility to hand it to the nice white-haired guy at the door, so walk she did.  (On a side note, Piper’s so used to going to Costco that she thinks EVERYONE wants her receipts.  She does anything to get a receipt from me- including raiding my purse, if it’s open- so that she can have something to give to the next unsuspecting person with whom she comes into contact.  I’m afraid that Costco is permeating my child’s brain almost as much as it has mine.  Yikes.)


We’ve been enjoying the lull and nonchalant-ness of the past few weeks.  And we’ve been very glad that our therapists come to us.  My “yoga” pants (which really is just a nice way to say comfy lounge pants, right?) have gotten some good use, anyway.  We’re planning on letting Piper have a slumber party with my parents on Friday, and Luke and I are going to conquer getting the basement organized.  Then we can clean out the spare bedroom and get Piper’s “big kid” furniture set up.  I’m still trying to figure out what color to paint, so I’m hoping that by getting the furniture in there, I’ll have some kind of technicolor epiphany. 

We’ll see.


  1. I "lost" Jayce when he was 9 months old in our tiny apartment. He crawled behind our couch and was silent while I freaked out. Also, Shaden thinks everyone needs to see our receipts when leaving stores so they can tell him how cute he is and draw him a smiley face. Thank you Sam's and Costco. :) Piper is adorable! She is amazing. My boys take off running if we let them walk in the store.

  2. I lost my 5 yr old this week - she was asleep in her bed! (she never sleeps in there)

  3. Glad at least it's been blissfully boring. We've been bored too, cabin fever. I'm hoping the weather will stay nice but probably not. Love all the mischievous photos of Piper ;)

  4. What? You can't eat the brownie mix? She is so stinkin' cute. Just seeing her little self walking around cracks me up.