Monday, February 28, 2011


It’s weird thinking that we’re further along in this pregnancy than when a lot of the babies in the NICU were born.  Holy moly, I canNOT imagine having a baby a few weeks ago.  We were always SO thankful that Piper waited until she did; I just can’t comprehend what it’d be like to have a 24-, 25-, or 26- weeker.  Every day counts with a preemie!

We still have about another month before Piper came, and I’m already getting kind of nervous.  I LOVE my OB, and he’s pretty much willing to do whatever it takes, he said, to make me feel more comfortable (including every day NSTs, lol- doesn’t THAT sound like fun???).  And I can rationally say that Piper’s immediate decline and failure was probably due to that extra chromosome, but emotionally is a whole different story.  I feel like it may be a long couple of months before this little one makes her appearance…

Anyway, in anticipation of the little one coming, I keep getting glimpses of some of Piper’s early pictures.  She was so teeny and ALWAYS a super cuddler.  She LOVED to be held (and still does)- I keep telling Piper that it’s her job to 1- tell her sister to STAY PUT and 2- teach her how to cuddle.

So, I’m sharing some of my favorites from the pre-blog days.  It’s so awesome seeing how this completely immature little person has grown into a perpetual motion toddler. 

167About 1 week old- still sedated after surgery.

…BUT it was the first day that we got to dress her!  Pink, of course.

193About 1 1/2 weeks old- FIRST time I got to see her without any tubes on her face. 



369Going home!  She wasn’t overly thrilled with the outfit, and she’d had a long day of tests before we were released…  I think the facial expression sums up her attitude quite well.  She was so scrawny!

383Daddy taking in his little girl at HOME.  The NICU decided that since she was going home, surely newborn diapers would work.  I went out and bought preemies, which we wore for MONTHS, after this, lol.

390First tummy time- aaaand the first time she rolled over.  The black thing on the side?  Maggie trying to figure out WHAT THE HECK we brought home.




733-1Around 3 1/2 months old- the little “preemie” (you know the Up to 7 Pounds” kind of “preemie”) dress my mom bought for her to come home in kind of fits.  She probably weighed right around 6 pounds here.  I think this may be one option for this little one to come home in, too.


  1. I'm praying that this little girl decides that 38 weeks is the least that she wants to stay inside you! Piper I'm sure will be telling her the same thing since that is one of her jobs!

    Try to enjoy the pregnancy!

  2. i have been feeling this way too already. i just told stephen i'm already half way through a "rachel pregnancy"!

  3. Piper was such a beautiful baby (still is). She seemed so perfect even when she was so small. :)I love her going home dress, and the yawn and then the cry... What an amazing story she had already begun to create!

  4. Love seeing these pics from early on...Piper was ALWAYS a cutie!! :)