Monday, February 21, 2011


We (meaning Luke and I, and my parents, of course- NOT Piper, lol) worked this weekend.  A lot. 

Luke and I started on Friday night, after I dropped Piper off at my parents for the night.  We started getting the basement (which hasn’t really been touched since we moved in here four years ago) cleaned out and organized.  Saturday morning, Mom and Dad came up to give us a hand (since my ability to lift is greatly impeded by the one-and-a-half million contractions I get a day).  Poor Piper wasn’t a big fan, because she was, for once, NOT the center of attention.  But she DID think that playing in the big boxes was fun.DSCN1181


After we got a good start on the basement, we could start breaking down the office that lived in our extra bedroom.  All of Luke’s electronic stuff, our computer, and all of my craft stuff ALL had to be moved downstairs.  And attempt to keep SOME KIND of organization. 

And as of last night, we’re about 90% there.  It feels SO good! 

But the best part? 

Piper’s Big Kid bed is all ready to go!  And she LOVES it!

She EVEN took a nap in it today! 


Can this REALLY be possible???

…now to just figure out what color to paint the walls…


  1. It's nice to cross things off your list! Love that last picture, so sweet.

  2. So cute-I can't believe she's big enough for a big bed!

  3. wow, i can't believe did you know she was ready??

  4. also, how did you know when she was ready for a blanket? i'm still scared to put on in rachel's crib.

  5. OH my goodness, how cute is she in her big girl bed.

  6. She is so cute in her big girl bed!!