Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Accessories

Before Piper was born, we'd see Babylegs in the store (in fact, thanks to her Nana, she had several pair a LONG time ago...) and gawk at how cute they were. Our problem? Let's just say that the phrase "one size fits most" is NOT Piper's friend...

The bottom sock is a regular legging that you buy at the store. The top one is the one we made for Piper. My mom, sewer extraordinaire, found a website that showed how to make baby legs out of ordinary socks. It took some creativity to make it work (we had to redo some of the steps in order to get them small enough), but Piper officially has her own leggings that actually fit!

How cute is she??? They work SO well, and she's already worn them lots. I figure that they'll work as a second layer of warmth under her little pants this winter. They were really nice at therapy last week-- it gave her something to have on her legs, but my view of her exercises wasn't obstructed by baggy pants. I think that they're easier for her to maneuver in, too, which is also a plus. She moves around and kicks a lot, so I think she needs the protection on her knees. The only hard part is finding socks that will fit. I've found some little tiny girls' knee highs that work really well and don't require an extra seam down the back. So now we're on a hunt for the cutest socks we can find (we figure it'll be a while before the "real" ones are even fake-able for our itty-bit...) and she obviously needs leggings to match her outfits. Oh the joys of having a little girl!

Thanks, Nana, for making them!

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