Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How much do I owe you? Let me count the ways...

It's days like today that I am so glad to have a mom who's so willing to put up with us!  Piper had a follow-up with the surgeon today at PS/L.  The milk bank is at the same place, so I decided that I could take a load to them at the same time.  Mom came with us to keep us company.  Little did she know...  The plan was to drop off the milk, go get lunch, then go to the doctor.  Easy enough, right?  We got to the hospital and parked in the loading zone (praying, of course, that we wouldn't get towed with no one in the car).  Piper rode in the Baby Bjorn, which just left two BIG coolers FULL of milk to be carried.  We were running inside (hoping to catch the staff before they went to lunch) like maniacs with the giant coolers (which we later wondered if people thought they were organs...)  Of course, I couldn't remember what floor the bank was on.  So we rode up and down the elevator for what seemed like FOREVER trying to find the right floor.  We finally found it and left the coolers there until after Piper's appointment.  We got back down stairs, our arms about two inches longer than when we started, and drove off to lunch.  We got to Chedd's (our favorite), got Piper out of the car, and walked a block over- only to find that they were CLOSED.  The nerve!  SO, we got back in the car and decided to drive to Cherry Creek since we had a couple hours to kill.  We got back to the doctor's a little early, which was good, because, silly me, I couldn't remember what floor the surgeon was on, either, sigh.  By this point, I thought Mom was going to steal my car keys and leave without me...  We got in and out of the surgeon without much of a hitch, and headed back to the milk bank to pick up the coolers.  Today's drop-off was over 1200 ounces of milk (do you KNOW how many gallons that is???).  They helped us get to the car, and we were off to have lunch somewhere that WASN'T Chedd's...

Anyway, the important news-- Dr. Kay, her surgeon, doesn't think that the bumps under her incision sights are actually hernias, which is good.  We'll go back around her first birthday to check again, just to be sure.  Whew. One thing done.  We also asked about the gallstones we found out about in August, and what might be done with them.  She wasn't sure, but Piper may be too old for the stones to resolve on their own at this point.  So she's checking with her GI doctor, and will get back to us with a plan of attack for those.  Ugh.  The idea of Piper having to have another surgery just breaks my heart-- think good thoughts of NO gallstones!  

While we were waiting for Dr. Kay in the exam room, Piper had a "therapeutic" exercise session in front of the mirror on the table.  She loved the crinkly paper!  Here are some pictures:


Stay tuned-- Piper has a busy day tomorrow, too, with OT/PT (we're meeting the PT for the first time) and then a weight check with her Pediatrician.  What a week!


  1. Oh my, Aimee, there was a lot more to our day! You left out the funniest(worst)part, but I'm not telling!

    You didn't mention that you donated over 10 gallons of milk in those coolers today, either. Kudos to you! What a service you provide to tiny babes. You are very special!

  2. ten gallons?!?!?! holy moly! that's awesome