Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Eve

Piper had a make-up session today with Becky, her occupational therapist.  Piper was so excited to see her again!  And she had to show her the Halloween outfit she had stored away.  She's starting to actually enjoy (and not just "do") her sessions with Becky.  She has to work really hard, but she doesn't mind it.  Becky said that she doesn't often have babies that are so accepting of the exercises!  She talked and laughed and talked and laughed all morning.  We got some new exercises to do because she starts to hold her head to the left when she's tired and sitting unsupported, so we can nip that in the bud before it gets too bad.  She's getting so strong!  Afterward, Piper had a nice LONG nap (which was almost as nice for me as it was for her!).

Uncle Justin and Aunt Rachel came over this afternoon, too.  Uncle Justin told Piper all about Halloween.  Just the thought spooked her!

But she was made happy again when they showed her the new bib they brought.  She hasn't worn bibs much, and thought it was really funny to have a face on her chest that she could play with.

Maybe this holiday stuff isn't so bad afterall!  ...Maybe...

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  1. i can't pick a fave fro these 3. even the angry face makes me laugh