Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I have to admit

Piper's five-and-a-half months old...  And her room isn't done yet.... sigh...  It started when I was still pregnant-- I wouldn't let Luke paint her room until what ended up being just a few weeks before she was born.  I had feelings from very early on that I was going to miscarry, so when my doctor told me that the stillbirth rates for babies with Ds are very high, I was horrified that we weren't going to have a baby to bring home.  The plan was to get through the baby shower and then we'd have time to work on the stuff we wanted to put up on her walls.  After all, we'd have a couple months to get it all done.  And since we knew we weren't allowed to have her early because of the surgery (in fact, her surgeon said that we could go late and she'd be happy), we figured we'd have plenty of time.  Then, two days after the shower, Piper had different ideas.  So much for time to get stuff done!  Not that that's much of an excuse-- she's been home from the hospital for almost 4 months now.  So I decided it was time to give her a fun little girl's room!  We're using large canvas mats, quilt patterns, and pretty fabric to make a flower/butterfly/ladybug theme.  Unfortunately, it's more time consuming that I had anticipated...

We worked all day yesterday and for a while today...  Piper helped!

We found and cut and traced...

Piper helped.

We made a mess--

Piper helped.
 Hmm...  Maybe if she was actually helping we'd be done by now?  Oh, well-- off to cut more flowers... 

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