Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Painting Pair

This week was spring break, and as such, marked the third week that Piper’s been out of school.

My toolbox of Fun Things To Do When it’s Too Cold To Go Outdoors was quickly dwindling.  Addy asked to finger paint, so finger paint we did.

Piper wasn’t so enthused; she thought it was fun for about 5.2 seconds and decided it was time to move on.

She was, however, much more interested in Finger Painting.DSC_0111

Addy thought the purpose was to paint her fingers.DSC_0129



…and nose…DSC_0138


…and Piper’s shirt (notice the hand print on her shoulder.)DSC_0140

She wasn’t too keen on the idea of using her fingers (which was ironic because her fingers were covered in paint) so I went to find some brushes for her.  Not able to find one (I wasn’t willing to go downstairs or dig too long with my kids upstairs, with paint, unsupervised- he thought still curls my toes…), I resorted to these little rubber spatulas.  They actually worked really well!  Addy was exceptionally excited to see them.DSC_0116


Addy looked so cute as an artist.DSC_0142

Until she did this.  And then we were finished.DSC_0160

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