Monday, March 25, 2013

“Kitty Monster”

We took a walk up through the ravine the other day and saw, for the first time ever there, several quail running around.  They’re surprisingly fast, and we surprised them, so we only caught little glimpses of them.

I think they startled Piper, too.  She kept asking to see them again (easier said than done.)  And then, when we didn’t produce, she asked for “More Kitty Monsters, pleease!” 

The only thing we can figure is that the tail of the bird looked like a tail of a cat, but it was certainly not a cat, so monster is the obvious choice. 

I have no idea.

Anyway, ever since then, Piper keeps laughing about “kitty monsters.”  After dinner last night, she did this, while laughing, and exclaiming “I kitty monster!” and then laughing some more.  DSC_0096


She’s not afraid to laugh at her own jokes.DSC_0103

Addy didn’t really get The Joke, but she wanted in on the laughter, too, so she tried.DSC_0104

It didn’t work out well for her.DSC_0107

…and then decided she didn’t really know what was so funny, anyway.DSC_0108

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