Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dying eggs. And my house.

We finally got up the nerve to dye eggs on Saturday before Easter.  It hadn’t occurred to me before how much more difficult dying with TWO kids would be.

Until I set a mug of dye, blue dye, in front of Addy before we even started.  And she proceded to dump the whole glass in her lap. 

Which dripped all over my hardwood floors.

My natural maple hardwood floors.

I was afraid our house would look like we murdered a Smurf for years to come.

White vinegar worked really well to pull up the color and I think we skirted that drama.  The floor drama, that is; not the drama that involved Addy who was none too thrilled that she looked like she was the Smurf murderer.DSC_0322


And the drama that occurred when Addy was ticked that we wouldn’t let her taste the dye.  So I gave in and gave her a class of red water.  DSC_0305

Whatever works, right?

After all that was done, I think we were ready to just get it done!  And as a result, this is the only half decent picture of Piper that I got.  DSC_0307

<<sigh>>  There’s always next year, right?


  1. It is CRAZY hard to dye eggs with 2 kids! I did it last week and it was extremely stressful! Madi was trying to dump the egg dye and when I wouldn't let her touch everything, she resorted to her lovely screaming and tantrums.

    Like you said......there is always next year! :)

  2. We found spill-proof egg dying cups at Walmart, and they were fabulous!! I highly recommend them for kids under the age of 3. :) Good luck next year!