Thursday, January 31, 2013


The accused:


…and her accomplice:January5

I’m honestly not sure which one started it, but I’d put money on Piper being the instigator.  It was definitely one of those mommy moments when I had a hard time not laughing at them.  The palms of Piper’s hands were even covered.  And then Addy came sauntering down the hallway looking like this, and I couldn’t hold the laughter in any longer.DSC_0055

I took them in to the bathroom to clean up.  This was Addy’s reaction to her new style:DSC_0061

She was not thrilled.  Horrified, I think, actually.  She was out of that bathroom as fast as her little legs could take her. 

I seriously wonder what she thought she was going to look like.  I mean, she had to have an idea after making her poor baby doll her prototype.DSC_0062

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