Friday, January 11, 2013

Kitchen Helpers

After the girls got up from their naps this afternoon, I decided we needed to make some cookies.  I’ve been wanting to try a brown sugar cookie recipe for ages, but haven’t had a chance. 

Piper always insists on helping.  She’s such a good stirrer.  “’tir, ‘tir, ‘tir” is her favorite thing to do in the kitchen.  So much so that last week when we went to Ikea, I bought her her very own kitchen utensils for the big kitchen.  And, obviously, if Piper finds it fun, Addy has to partake, too.

I didn’t plan it very well, though, because there was really only one step that they could help with.  Bummer.  But they did a great job “’tirring” the flour and soda together.  I was afraid that my kitchen would be covered in flour by the end, but they did a great job keeping it in the bowl.  Even with two whisks at the same time!


After I decided they were done with their duties, I couldn’t bring myself to make them get down.  I found a box of old macaroni noodles in the cabinet that expired two years ago and let them play “cooking” with them. 

Addy was…  hesitant…DSC_0842

…but she got over it.DSC_0843

Then the fun really started.  I think they played nicely, together, for at least a half hour.  They poured into each other’s bowl, stirred, dipped, moved…  Very few noodles hit the ground.  I was impressed!101D51005

Until they started getting bored.  And realized that feeding them to the dog was much more fun.

I learned that there are a lot of elbow macaronis in a pound of noodles.

…Know what they girls use in the kitchen?  It’s the Learning Tower- and I LOVE it.  The pedestal part can move up and down to adjust as they grow.  It’s like standing on a chair, except it has a surround so no one can fall off.  Obviously, two kids can fit very comfortably.  They can crawl themselves up and in with very little effort.  It’s a seriously awesome invention.  Piper loves to help in the kitchen- this makes it so much easier!  My only beef with it is that it is rather large, but it tucks into a corner and we don’t notice it any more.  DSC_0830

Cooking is a lot more fun with my sous chefs!


  1. our mother in law got us that tower two christmas' ago. we've only used it about twice because, as you said, it is large and heavy. we have no good place to put it in the kitchen so it sits in the dining room - unused.

  2. Love that learning tower, so awesome!!! Great pictures, they just look so cute cooking together.

  3. I want one of those towers soooo badly. I'm just not sure where I would store it!

  4. Cool tower. I need one of those. Oh wait, no I don't. That would just give Max more leverage to climb where he shouldn't!