Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Piper the Teacher

Piper has really started settling in to the classroom routine the last few months.  She talks about seeing Miss Patty and Miss Marilyn as she’s getting ready for school, she’s excited to see her classmates in the morning, and is proud to show us her “projects” when she brings them home. 

Piper is a very good mimicker.  She loves to take a role of someone and replicate it in her pretend play.  She pretends to be a mommy, a doctor, a cook, a driver…  and teacher!

I caught these the other day at the park.  The girls were playing- Addy, apparently, did something that was a “thumbs down decision,” and needed a speaking to…January

And today?  Just ignore the fact that it’s the middle of January and my kids insisted on wearing shorts (and no, Addy doesn’t have a shirt on, either...)  Maybe that’s why they wanted their winter coats on?January1

Good gravy, I love these girls.  I truly treasure watching them interact and play with each other.  They have this uncanny ability to understand each other’s thoughts and anticipate each other’s moves.  It makes trouble-making very easy.

I fear for the teenage years.


  1. Shorts and winter coats, lol, I love it! And those first pictures where Addy is getting a talking to, are adorable!

  2. So cute. Lucas and Malcolm are great mischievous friends too. Kind of cute, kind of annoying.