Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Back to School!

Today was Piper’s first day back to school after the break.  We’ve been talking about it for a few days, just to be sure that she was ready to get back.

We talked about her friends, her teachers, and the fun things she’d get to do when she got back.  She was appropriately riled up Monday night- she wouldn’t go to sleep and kept talking about "’cool.”

Even with all that, I was (only slightly) apprehensive about how she’d handle being back.  I was nervous that yet another change to routine would be hard on her.

I was wrong.  So, so wrong.

After I picked her up, she laughed all afternoon long.  Just constant giggles.  And dancing.  And giggles.  After school, I got glowing reports from her teachers and speech therapist.  Today was the first day that the preschoolers got to go to real gym in the big school- Piper “loved” it.  She had snack- of course, she loved that.  But the biggest development from today?  Her teachers were flabbergasted by the amount of vocalization she did today.  Don’t get me wrong, Piper “talked” at school before, but her in non-voicing, lip-syncing (and signing) ways.  And only in an as required way.  But today, today she talked.  A lot.  She repeated what was asked of her.  She spontaneously spoke.  She talked to her friends, answered questions, and participated in the songs.

I never, not ever, thought someone would use the word “chatterbox” to describe Piper.  Not as a preschooler.  Eventually, sure.  But not yet.

Today, Piper earned a new title.  And I couldn’t be more proud. 


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