Monday, May 28, 2012

Stealthy Parenthood

Any experienced parent knows that non-stop giggling is often a bad sign.

You’re forced with the decision to either ignore it, hope that it’s nothing too bad, and not have to deal with the required disciplinary action, or investigate and thereby committing to enforcing the appropriate rules.

If you’re really lucky, however, you can stealthily assess the situation.  This allows you to not disrupt the natural flow of things and not commit to any specific course of action.

This day, when I followed the trail of hysterical laughter, I found this:DSCN4551

Watching each other in the mirror is, evidently, one of the world’s greatest games.  Addy thinks it’s hilarious to climb up on the stepstool and look at the cute little girl in the mirror.  Piper practices washing her hands, brushing her teeth, and doing her hair. 

But the cherry on top comes from brushing each other’s teeth.DSCN4552

Who knew.

But it lasted a good 20 minutes, and they never knew I saw.  Oh the joys of sisterhood.DSCN4554