Thursday, May 24, 2012


We celebrated the girls’ birthdays last weekend.  We had a ball!  The girls are so lucky to have so many family members and friends who love them so much!  Thanks to everyone who made it out- in the rain!- it meant so much to have you there!

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My mom, stitcher extraordinaire, made the girls matching outfits.  They seriously couldn’t have been any cuter.party1

We had lots of food- Hop on Popcorn, Yertle the Turtle food, Food of the Whos, One fish, two fish (goldfish crackers) and Red fish (Swedish Fish candy), Thing 1 and Thing 3 cupcakes (but don’t get me started as to the mess that cotton candy and moist frosting make- these were not nearly as easy as they looked like they should be!)party2

We went fishin’…party4

…and played with Bartholomew and his Oobleck.  Colored spaghetti noodles and water beads made for perfect “messy” play.party5

After we had some time to play, it was time for cake!  Everyone sang Happy Birthday- and neither girl was too sure as to whyP1040777


But the cake, that was a different story.  Piper, being the seasoned pro that she is, knew just what to do.

P1040781    P1040785


Addy, on the other hand, well, she had her own idea of how to eat her cupcake…


…I’m not quite sure why she felt the need to face-plant her cake, but she enjoyed it.  Silly girl.

And then Piper taught Addy how to open presents.  She was a good teacher.party8

But the best part of the whole day was playing with all our guests!party7

Happy Birthday to my sweet girls!  We love you to BITS!


  1. What a cool idea! Love their outfits, so adorable! Happy Birthday to both of your sweet girls!

  2. What a fabulous birthday party! Happy birthday to both your sweet girls! LOVE the dresses!

  3. What a fantastic party, such a great idea...Their little dresses were amazing!