Thursday, May 31, 2012

Look who we met!

Last week when I took the girls for their checkups, my mom came with me so that I would only have to keep one girl in the exam room at a time.  Piper gets a little…  cabin fever-ish when she’s stuck in the tiled room for two hours (yes, our well child visits are scheduled for an hour per girl), so she and Mom went for a walk around the hospital. 

Mom ran back and said that she’d run into someone. 

Guess who?






Yup!  Anna, Madalyn, and Victoria (and their folks and brothers, of course) were there, too!  Go figure!

Piper was, unfortunately, over-tired, over-hungry, and OVER being at the doctor, so all she wanted to do was RUN.  Sitting for pictures was not on the top of her to-do list, so I only got a couple, hence these lovelies.  They do make a cute crew, though, don’t they?

In the four minutes that we had the girls sitting there on the bench, we had about a dozen gawkers and several nice, well meaning individuals asking if they were quads.  Which made my heart palpitate as I was chasing after my ONE. 

Thanks for chatting with us for a few, Kirsten!  It was great finally getting to meet you and the girls!  Smile


  1. Aimee, I love the post! I have been saving my pics of them for a last (and super cute) blog post coming soon. I had so many pictures from our trip...enough for me to blog about for several weeks. Ha ha :) We loved meeting you all, too! When your mom came up, I was soooo excited to meet Piper in person! She is such a cutie and so smart and full of energy!! I wish the girls could spend more time with her. I have found that the peer relationships challenge and motivate them so much and oh yeah... Piper is POTTY TRAINED!!! I love the middle picture where Piper looks like she is telling Anna something and Anna is looking less than impressed. Lol Such cute girls!!!

    1. how fun is this!! what a great chance meeting..funny when we are in Denver I always have my eyes out for you all! smiles

  2. Cuteness overload! The girls were soooo darling! I'm so glad we ran into each other and were able to meet in person! Aren't blogs wonderful?

  3. They are four Q-T-Pies! And how awesome is it to get to meet other blogger and their fantastic kiddo's!? I love it myself!