Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A curl?!?!

Piper’s hair is straight.

As in straight.  I can entice a curl out of it with the curling iron, which is a major plus (and the key element to a good hair day), but it does not bend on its own.

The whole idea of having a straight haired child is rather novel to me.  I have frizzy hair in the Albert Einstein’s long-lost niece kind of way.  It took me a bit to know how to handle the straight in Piper’s hair, but I’m coming to really enjoy it.  It doesn’t really tangle, it always pretty much does the same thing…  It’s the hair I always wished I had.

And just because I’ve come to terms with Piper’s locks, God throws me a curve ball and gives me a child with curls.  I’m almost certain, anyway- Addy’s hair is almost long enough to tell.

Yes, it’s conjecture at this point.  But the tiny amount of length she has on the back of her head never lays as flat as Piper’s did.  And occasionally we even get a cute little, tiny, itty bitty ringlet.

Hey- I never said I specialized in kids with hair.  Maybe by the time she goes to kindergarten we’ll know for sure her hair color.  And curliness.  But I won’t bet on it…


  1. charlie has a whole bunch of curls on the back of his little red head. the cutest thing EVER!

  2. One lone curl, so cute, I love it!