Friday, February 24, 2012

For the Dogs

My girls love my parents dogs.  In fact, Stitch, my mom’s little Boston Terrier, has been one of the first words both girls have said (and, as a side note, any Boston, or any other square-faced dog, like boxers, are also deemed a “Stitch”).  They also have a giant chocolate lab who’s about as energetic as a doornail, but as good with the girls as a teddy bear.  They love to play with those mutts!

Since Piper’s able to stand, she’s able to hold her own pretty well.  She really likes to watch Stitch run around, and encourages her by laughing so hard she can’t breath.  Addy, on the other hand, is at Stitch’s mercy because she’s at eye level with the dog.  Don’t let the pictures fool you- she seeks out dog kisses. 



As I was looking through these pictures, I didn’t even register this one.  I was so busy watching Addy with Stitch that I completely ignored Piper and Hershey.  Piper is, coyly, feeding Hershey off of a spoon.  What spoon?  I have no idea.  What’s she feeding her?  Not a clue.  I’m guessing it had to be a clean spoon with pretend food.  Poor Hershey.


But one thing’s for sure- when you’re done getting your face washed, Nana’s always there to rescue you!


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