Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sleep, Iron, and Sleep (oh my!)


Addy’s been on her supplemental iron regime for a little over a week now.

And I’m afraid to say that it’s working for fear that I may jinx us.

For crying out loud, she’s actually starting to sleep.

By “sleep” I mean three-hour stints at night and naps during the day.  Is it sad that three hours at a time at night make me so happy I wanna cry?

And she’s stopped the kicking as she drifts off- it was about to drive me crazy.

It took several days before we saw any kind of improvement.  But since then, we’ve had a couple of GOOD nights (and a couple of not-so-good ones, too.)  And today she actually took two almost two-hour naps (I can honestly not tell you the last time that happened…)

I swear her color looks better.  She’s not as pale in the face.  I was assuming it was a combination of my paleness with Luke’s olive-colored skin.  Yikes.  And the bags under her eyes are starting to let up!  No one should have to start life with bags under their eyes.  It’s just not right.

She’s not as emotional- she’s always been happy, but it seems like she’s more able to put up with, well, everything (being pushed over, falling, being put in her car seat…)

She’s talking more, which just thrills me to no end.  Her new word is “boom” every time she falls down.  Unbelievably cute, that one…

She’s on ferrous sulfate elixir, which doesn’t taste nearly as bad as I had anticipated.  Only about 5086 times less gross that Poly-Vi-Sol crap that they made me choke down Piper for months…  And it’s “cherry” flavored.  She doesn’t particularly like it, but she does tolerate it. 

Low iron in babies isn’t common, but it’s not rare, either.  You DO want to make sure that you go through your pediatrician before starting any supplements with it, though, because it’s very easy, and very dangerous, to overdose with it.  We’re hoping that within a few months, we’ll be able to stop it all together.

Also, as an aside, did you know that Costco is THE place to get prescriptions?  One of the ones we get is a quarter the price there than at Target.  That adds up quick.  Also, did you know that you can request anything that’s over-the-counter there, too?  They can have it ordered and there in about 24 hours.  Go figure!


  1. Wow! All of this has got me thinking about my little one. She just turned 1 and has only had 2 weeks of sleeping at night under her belt...and she sometimes does the kicking thing when I"m nursing and she is over tired...thanks for sharing:)

  2. Glad it "appears" to be working! :)

  3. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you guys (and Addy). So glad that she seems to be doing so much better overall.

  4. So happy for you Aimee! It must be such a relief! And yes, three hours sounds dreamy ;) I finally started Mal on a multi vitamin, no iron per my doctors request. Probably won't make a difference but a girl can hope right?