Friday, February 3, 2012

Snow Day

It snowed here today.  I think the news said we got about 8”, which is a lot less than the 10-22 inches they had forecast last night. 

Luke’s lucky to have a job that he can work from home when the weather’s crappy, so we just enjoyed a lazy, stay-at-home kind of day.

It was lovely.

Piper and I made cupcakes this afternoon, just for fun.  She as happy that Addy wasn’t invited to our baking hour and enjoyed the time “helping.”  Of course, helping meant pour the three eggs all over the countertop, dipping her hands in it, and trying to lick it off.  Yeah, I about had a mini heart attack. 

Tonight when it was time to eat her culinary masterpiece, she was beyond excited.  She also made it known that, seeing as Addy didn’t help make the cupcakes, she as also not allowed to indulge in them, either.  (This has nothing to do with the fact that she hasn’t mastered purees yet, but that’s beside the point.)113_PANA

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  1. That cupcake actually looks really good!! Great job Piper :)...Oh and sisters NEVER share!! lol