Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Yup.  Our littlest monkey is, officially, three quarters of the way through her first year.  Holy smokes.  I’m so not okay with how quickly she’s grown.  I mean, really, I’m the mama, I should have a say in this, right???


Addy had her 9-month checkup last week.  And although our conversations centered around her continued inability to sleep (yeah, we’re still up about 4-6 times a night, if not more, with screaming-her-head-of-ticked-off-at-the-world kind of tantrums), it was a wonderfully run-of-the-mill appointment.  We like those. 

She weighed just a little over 15 pounds, and about 26 1/2 inches.  We specialize in mini-munchkins.

So what’s she up to?

  • She still doesn’t like to eat.  Not really, anyway.  She’ll go for anything that’s white- pears, apples, cheerios, and plain greek yogurt (yuck!) are her staples.  She did, though, eat a bunch of canned carrots tonight for dinner, so I think we’ll be trying to skip purees and see if it helps any.
  • She’ll grab your face and SUCK to give kisses.  And we get a lot.  She’s rather affectionate.
  • She plays “chase” with Piper- Piper crawls in front of her, or crawls after her, and they both squeal with delight.
  • She’s in love with her own reflection.  Seriously.
  • She talks up a storm.  She has about a dozen words, plus a few more signs.  She has the sweetest little voice!
  • She’s routinely attacked with enthusiastic hugs and kisses from a certain big sister.  Fortunately, she’s beginning to be able to hold her own.
  • She is a tattler.  I have no idea.  Piper can barely touch her sometimes and she’ll get ticked off.  And, boy oh boy, do I know it!
  • I’m pretty sure that she and Piper have their own little language.  Kind of like twin speak.  Or ESP.  I’m not sure which.
  • She’s figured out how to break into our candy machine.  You know, the old fashioned ones where you put in the coin, turn the knob, and out comes a few pieces of candy?  I have one filled with Hot Tamales at the moment.  She’s watched me, a few times (ahem), and has figured out that you twist the handle, and then lift up the flapper, and there should be something in there.  So for her sake, I’ve had to finish up the supply of candy.  Just to be sure she doesn’t choke.  Yup.
  • She’s starting to play pretend with the baby dolls with kisses, pats, and bottles.  There’s nothing more cute than a baby playing mommy.

But the biggest things she’s up to these days?P1130369

Yeeeah…  She’s conquering independent standing.  She can stay upright for quite a while, and even twist and turn while she’s up.  Oh- and she’s stepping.  She’ll take three steps between us, or between surfaces, without much thought any more.  I can’t even fathom the level of damage the girls will inflict when they’re both fully mobile.  Oh how busy our world is about to become!

Nine months.  Nine months???  You’re growing too fast, baby girl, but we love you to bits!!!


  1. It does go by so fast doesn't it? What a little beauty, love that last picture. Sorry about the sleep, I was hoping you would post that you're finally getting some sleep so I would know there was hope in my future. But even with lack of sleep she is doing incredibly well, words already? Wow!

  2. What a little beauty! Standing and talking already!??