Friday, June 14, 2013

The Brunt of OT Practice

I know we have an issue when Piper comes running to find me screaming “MOM!  MOM!  MOM!”  It’s always followed by a (usually intelligible) diatribe about what has transpired. 

Examples include “Addy beep beep beep car!” when Addy had found my car keys and hit the panic button on the key fob.  “Addy PEW!”- I’ll leave that to your imagination.  “Sissy uh oh!” is always a scary one because you have no idea what you’re about to get into- Addy climbing on the kitchen counters, Addy sitting in the bathroom sink, Addy making a mess…

Notice a pattern here?  Obviously, tattling has become the new norm in the house.  So I usually try to ignore it and focus on Piper talking well instead (“Oh, Piper- I like to hear what you have to say!” and then move on without paying attention to the tattle- not sure if it’s working, but I hate to have her speech, which is still very much a struggle, go unnoticed.)

But when Addy’s melting down and Piper comes running toward you hollering “MOM!  Addy PEEEE!” I got a little nervous.

This was not what I had envisioned.


Yeah- Piper had drawn a “P” and a “T” on Addy.  Right dab in the middle of her forehead. 

I have no idea why.


Addy was NOT amused.




Nope, not thrilled in the slightest. 

I didn’t know there’d be collateral damage in fine motor practice…


  1. ok, now i'm totally impressed with piper and i'm digging the curly drawn side burn on the one side.

  2. OMG!!!! I got quite the laugh out of this. Funny but poor Addy!

  3. Too funny and her "P" and "T" look great!