Thursday, June 6, 2013

First Melons of SUMMER!

The first slices of watermelon this season came with some speculation.DSC_0328

Piper decided that it was good enough to eat, and dove right in despite being completely exhausted at the end of a long birthday party day.DSC_0337

In fact, she thought it was so good that she downright insisted that Addy take a break from the swing set to have a bite.DSC_0344

That was met with more speculation…DSC_0341

…tentative first tastes…DSC_0342

…and quiet contemplation.DSC_0357

And then…  she found a seed.DSC_0356

Ooooh the horrors!DSC_0352

Not sure she’ll be willing to venture down that avenue again any time soon. 

Piper won’t mind- I’m sure she’d be willing to eat Addy’s share.

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