Monday, June 10, 2013

New Fun Thing of the Week

Sidewalk chalk.  Crappy paint brushes.  Water.  “Oh Boy!” Addy says.

When we were kids, my mom would hand us an old drywall bucket filled with water, set us up with a couple of big, old paint brushes, and tells us to “paint the driveway.” 

I think we spent hours “painting” growing up.  (I do remember the story of how my brother “helped” my parents with the REAL paint one time instead- I think the chain link is still painted after 30 years…)

So when I found five paint brushes for $5 at Walmart, I knew what we needed to do with them.  Then I got the super big pack of the aluminum chaffers from Costco (for about 20 cents a piece, I think) to make easy dipping.DSC_0058


We discovered that coloring with chalk on the water offers a whole new sensation- it’s smoother, and prettier (more vibrant) which both girls enjoyed.  I’ve decided that Crayola makes the BEST sidewalk chalk- it’s so bright!DSC_0060

It’s also fun to draw shapes with the chalk and then paint with water over the top- it makes it all smooth and pretty (okay, so maybe I enjoy this part a little too much…)


Piper has been borderline obsessed with rocks lately- they’re her go-to prop for anything pretend play- babies, food, drink, phones, animals, money…  It was no surprise, then, that she wanted the rocks to play (in whatever capacity she decided at the time), too.  She discovered that when the rocks were wet, they changed color!  She was so excited.  She “painted” lots of rocks figuring out which ones changed to “pretty.”DSC_0063

I think it was about this time that Nana and Grandpa showed up.  And gave the girls the brilliant idea to “wash” my car.  I had one really clean spot on my otherwise filthy car.  It really helped camouflage the dirt!  DSC_0067


They used up all the water on the car and needed more.  Have no fear- Nana to the rescue!  Thanks, Nana, for helping Piper figure out the water sprayer.  I’ve been soaked about a half dozen times since this.  As has Addy.  And maybe the neighbor as they drove down the street.  And I’m pretty sure a baby bunny got in the line of fire once.  We’ll call it fine motor practice- you know, using those hand muscles…


The full tub of water lasted about six seconds before Piper decided to pour it down the driveway.  And then sat in it.  She was not too thrilled that she had a wet bottom.  Darn those natural consequences!


The girls do get a little dirty doing this, but that’s no real surprise.  The chalk washes out of clothes with no issue whatsoever.  Only real word of warning is that if you draw on the sidewalk and paint over the top, the chalk can stay there a LONG time.  Especially here in Colorado when good soaking rains are few and far between.  I think we’ve had “P I” on our driveway for a few weeks- the “P E R” somehow got washed off and left the rest.  We are, admittedly, nerds in this house, but leaving “pi” on the driveway is overdoing it even for us!

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