Sunday, April 7, 2013

Up, up and away!

Piper’s working on swinging with her private OT right now.  Really, Miss Syd uses the swings (they have about 80 different kinds- it’s awesome) as incentive between tasks, and it works!

To get the “kick” motion out of her, Syd puts a couple of big-ish foam blocks out in front of her. It gets her to extend her legs right at just the right time. I’ve been replicating it at the park by standing in front her of and asking her to touch me with her feet. I figure she’s a ways away from truly independent swinging, but it’s sure fun to watch her try!

Luke was trying to show her what “real” swinging looks like the other day. “Kick, pull, kick, pull!”

We put the girls in the swings (infant swings by request- I dunno…) and he told them to “KICK!”

Both girls- simultaneously- kicked their feet back and forth as madly as possible. It wasn’t very efficient, though, because both legs kicked at different times.

It was like they thought they were running on thin air. Or something.

I have no idea.

But it was absolutely hilarious.

They thought so, too.





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