Saturday, April 20, 2013

Jungle Gym-ing at Nana’s

My girls LOVE to play in Nana and Grandpa’s backyard.  But with a full-sized playhouse, slides, and swings, who could blame them?

I’m not sure how, but the girls decided it’d be fun to go down the slide face first.  We’ve mostly bypassed this desire in the past; I’m putting money on some skinned noses this summer.  I love the one with Addy’s feet way up in the air- I think she went a little faster than she expected to, and then braked with her hands at the bottom.  It was rather funny.  She thought going down face first was fun- you can see in the last picture that she anticipated going down on her back head first.  We averted that disaster, thankfully.March2

Just hangin’ around…March3

And what are daddies good for, if not for doing things that make mommies have a heart attack?  Who’d have thunk that a pool noodle could be so much fun without a pool?!?March4

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