Monday, April 1, 2013


Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays.  It always feels a little less chaotic than Christmas, but we still get a whole lot of time with the family.  Lots of food, lots of fun, lots of just being

The girls got Easter baskets from Nana and Grandpa in the morning.  Addy’s favorites were the new headband (which she loves to wear- for about 4.6 seconds.  Why, oh why won’t she wear hair pretties???) and the dum-dum suckers, of course.  Piper LOVED her new magnifying glass (what?  Don’t your kids beg for magnifiers?  No?  Just mine?  Huh…) and popping the bubble wrap that it came with.  March6

Then they got to go outside for an egg hunt.  Addy had a ball traipsing around the yard with her basket, but I don’t think she could figure out why it was supposed to be “fun” to pick up the eggs.  Piper was more interested in riding one of Grandpa’s new trikes- Addy kept taking Piper’s basket to her trying to convince her to come “hunt,” too.  March8

I don’t think that Daddy entirely appreciated the Easter Bunny’s generosity in leaving musical, LOUD, toys.  This Sesame Street microphone is a new favorite of the girls- and nemesis of their father.  Piper’s got some pretty sweet dance moves with it, though, so that’s a plus.March7

Then the kids got to just play outdoors and enjoy one of the first nice days of spring. 

Addy and her “little” cousin- aren’t they cute?March5

What’s better than eating your dessert in the grass, anyway?  Oh, maybe looking at bugs with their uncle.  Yup- that’s probably better.  DSC_0459

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