Sunday, November 11, 2012

Playing at Grandma’s

My girls love to play at my Grandparent’s house- there are so many fun things, like crazy dogs.  And solar-powered dancing hula girls with which to dance.



Sometimes, though, the most fun toys to play with aren’t the parts that you’re supposed to play with.  Like the wagon full of legos.  It’s really fun to watch Grandpa pick up all the pieces.  And then toss them back out so that you can sit inside.DSC_0694

DSC_0695“This is not what I had intended.”

DSC_0698“C’mon, Grandpa!  Let’s go!”

Next thing I knew, Piper took up the reigns (or, rather, she followed Addy’s demand when she took the reigns) and took Addy for a ride.DSC_0702

…and then decided that she got the short end of this stick- SHE wanted to ride, too!  Good thing she has a great grandpa to sucker into helping her out.DSC_0705

I’m not sure it was quite as exciting as she thought it’d be…

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  1. Great Grandparents are even better than grandparents sometimes! My girls love to be at my grandparents house too--