Monday, November 19, 2012

Caring Claus

A mall here in town has a Caring Claus at the beginning of the season- they turned the music and lights down low, opened the mall two hours early, had a Santa and elves who could sign, and invited kids with special needs down to see Santa.  We went with my Mom’s Night Out buddies.  We got there early- and NO ONE was around!  Santa spent a good 15 minutes with my kids (before they decided they were done.)  It was pretty awesome.  Of course, Addy was glued to me as if I were about to throw her out the window of an airplane, and Piper was intrigued, yet incredibly wary, so I got not ONE picture of them with Santa, but the experience was pretty awesome. 

I did get a picture of them “talking” to Digital Santa- that counts, right??DSC_0763

We hang around for a while to see if any of our other buddies showed up.  The girls played in the decorations and got to run around a bit (which was nice after the 8am, hour long drive to get there.)  It was all so cute- I was hoping to get The Christmas Card Picture while we were there.

I failed.  Miserably.

DSC_0759The Hug/The Chokehold pose

DSC_0778The Looking at the Christmas Tree/Oooo- What’s that??? pose












The My Sister is Making Me Dance- Lord Help Me pose

Good thing they’re cute- even in the outtakes.



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  1. What a neat thing! I haven't heard of this- but its a wonderful idea! And your girls are so cute!