Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day of Thanksgiving

Thankful for this one.DSC_0747

And this one.DSC_0511


Thankful for the chaos.DSC_0790

The laughs.DSC_0540

Thankful for the adventures.DSC_0687


Thankful for health insurance.P1050252

For modern medicine.P1050238

Thankful for kids who continually show us what’s really important.P1050318


Thankful for ornery.DSC_0795

For sisterly love.DSC_0851

Thankful for friends.DSC_0290 (2)


Thankful for parents and grandparents and inlaws and aunts and uncles.DSC_1030 (2)

DSC_1095 (2)

Thankful or husbands who go to work and take care of us. And who go for walks and do little girls’ hair.DSC_0194



  1. I'm thankful for ALL my little miracle girls - and Luke, too! How about a little quieter year next, though, okay???

    Love you always, Nana :)

  2. Such a great post...And I LOVE the new blog look, it's fabulous!!!